Wedding Flowers – Getting Started

Flower Bouquet The wedding flowers set the tone of your Jewish Wedding ceremony and reception and add freshness to the festivities. Flower arrangements make up a big part of the décor, and of the wedding budget as well. Read our Getting Started guide for some wedding flowers basics.

The wedding flowers set the tone of your ceremony and reception and add freshness to the festivities. Flower arrangements make up a big part of the décor, and of the wedding budget as well.

Bridal Bouquet The flower arrangements you choose for your wedding is one of the most important decisions that you need to make in your wedding plans, and it can be a daunting task. The key is finding a fantastic florist who is experienced in weddings, understands your style and is reliable. But even before you consult your florist, you should first decide on a few general things regarding your wedding flowers. Smart wedding planning can achieve fabulous results without going over the top and without overstretching your budget.

Color Palette

Think about the color palette of your wedding. What are the basic colors and shapes of the wedding hall that you have selected? Is the venue bare, or decorated? Choosing a color scheme will help narrow down the choices for your flower arrangements. Color coordination centralizes and unites the overall look of your affair, where as mismatched elements in an event leave an unpleasant impression no matter how beautiful each piece may be. It may be a good idea to color-coordinate all of the ingredients of your affair starting with your wedding invitations. Thus when deciding on a color scheme, keep in mind all of the other items that will likely be affected by your choice. Hues that are brighter and bolder have recently become the trend; a step away from the pastel colors that were the trend last year.


Square Centerpiece Make a list of the number of arrangements you will need, starting with the ceremony. Will you have arrangements on the stage by the Kallah’s chair? How many flower arrangements will be decorating the aisles by the Chuppah? Will your family members need corsages and boutonnieres?

Flowers also play a major role in your wedding photographs. Consult your photographer on what he or she needs to be there for the wedding portraits. Then move on to the reception. How many centerpieces will you need? Your florist, however, should be able assign multiple uses for some of the flower arrangements – i.e. the same arrangements that decorate the aisle will be used for the centerpieces as well.

For Every Time and Every Season

Red Bridal Bouquet Wedding day flowers are meant to be a part of the overall look of the day, to frame your photos and to accent the setting. They should add to the overall festivities but not steal the scene from the bride or distract from the big picture. Be sure not to go over the top. Be creative and use what the season has to offer. Keep this in mind and you will make tasteful choices that will not only stretch your budget, but guarantee beautiful wedding flowers you’ll love and admire years to come.

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