Jewish Wedding |  Phnom Penh, Kingdom of Cambodia 

It’s often been remarked that two things can be found anywhere on the planet: Coca Cola andChabad. And wherever there’s a Chabad house, there’s bound to be a Jewish wedding. 

The latest such event occurred in Phnom Penh, the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

As the sun set over Phnom Penh, locals, tourists and guests from all over the world gathered for the first Jewish wedding known to be celebrated in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

The bride, Shlomit (Irina), had met Rabbi Bentzion and Mashie Butman, co-directors of Chabad Jewish Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, several years ago and begun her journey to Torah observance.

The groom, Vadim Mitropolitansky, is an Israeli who now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. When the two decided to tie the knot, they chose to do so at the Chabad center in Phnom Penh.
The groom, Vadim Mitropolitansky, is an Israeli who now lives in Bangkok, Thailand. When the two decided to tie the knot, they chose to do so at the Chabad center in Phnom Penh.

The rooftop ceremony was followed by a festive dinner in the newly finished event hall on the Chabad center’s second floor.
Local Cambodians, friends, relatives and Chabad families from both countries swirled in dizzying circles, following the lively music supplied by the keyboardist who had flown in from Israel for the occasion.

“In times of joy, as well as sadness, community takes the place of family in this part of the world, where most Jews are here without family,” says Rabbi Butman.


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MBJC Wedding Hall To Reopen June 1st

Brooklyn brides, we have some news that might interest you! That is if your wedding is planned for after June 1st and you haven’t booked a hall yet.

We just received word that the wedding hall at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, which was just acquired by a new owner, is undergoing complete renovations, inside and out, and will reopen for simchas  on June 1st, 2016.

We can even share the architect’s renditions of the exterior:

Manhattan-beach-jewish-center-renovation1 Manhattan-beach-jewish-center-renovation2 Manhattan-beach-jewish-center-renovation3

Not so long ago, this wedding hall, which was under New Star Caterers, was a wedding venue that appealed to a variety of families from a variety of backgrounds with a variety of tastes. From barely traditional to modern orthodox to yeshivish, sefardi, ashkenazi, Russian, Syrian, Israeli – somehow they all appreciated this wedding hall. The large space is extremely versatile. The separate hall for the shmorg / cocktail hour is stylish and grand, 5,000 sq. ft. in size with high 20 ft. ceilings. The 8,000 sq.ft. ballroom accommodates up to 650 sitdown guests. And the large synagogue, which is also being renovated, provides a perfect setting for the chuppah.

The new caterers at the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center Hall are also the caterers at the Shaare Zion Synagogue, so you can be sure that the food and the service will be superb. The new hall, according to Benny, the principal of the catering firm at Congregation Shaare Zion, Beth Torah, and now Manhattan Beach Jewish Center, will not only cater to a variety of couples but to a broader spectrum of budgets as well.

If you’d like more information about the new hall, feel free to contact Shaare Zion Caterers: (718) 975 – 4880

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Borsalino Brand Store Opens in Brooklyn

For the black hat wearing visitors of this website, there’s good news. A new hat store opened in Brooklyn, and it’s the brand store of the big name in hat making – Borsalino.

The new store, located on avenue J off Nostrand Avenue, is beautifully designed with a fashionable boutique store feel. With a recent relocation of Bencraft Hatters to “Flatbush”, in addition to The Hat Box and Hats Plus which have been around for years, there are more options than ever for your hat shopping convenience.

Contact Info: Borsalino Brand Store

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Milano Wigs Instructional Event

This Wednesday August 7th, Milano Collection wigs will be holding an instructional event for Kallahs. What a great idea! You’ll learn all about wearing of and caring for your sheitel. Hey, you might even make it on time for your first Sheva Brachos!

This event will be held at the Milano Brooklyn Showroom on Coney Island between 7:00 an 8:00 PM.


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A Hurricane Chasanah

Photo by Meir Pliskin Photography
Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on NYC as well as the rest of the North East on Monday October 29, but this couple and a majority of their guests created their own whirlwind on the dance floor at their wedding which proceeded as planned. The wedding of Chaim and Nechama was held in Brooklyn Jewish Center as one of the worst storms in US History was raging through the streets.

Quite often, weddings, which are planned months in advance, get caught up in some unpredictable nature event (like this Blizzard wedding in Chicago last year or the Blizzard of 2010 in NY). For Jewish families a wedding is more than a celebration with friends and family, more than a lifecycle milestone; a wedding is a beginning of fresh branch within the House of Israel. It takes more than gusty winds to put the brakes on this occasion. Mazel Tov to the new couple!

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