Much Media Misinformation

I was recently conversing with a friend in the flower business about seasons and wedding flowers, having read and heard in numerous sources that recommend all in unison to purchase flowers that are in season for your wedding unless of course money is not an issue. And she told me that this is one of those urban legends that are perpetuated through ignorance. She, who got married not too long ago, remembers watching one of those reality shows where a camera follows a bride as she plans a magnificent wedding. In this show, the florist during his interview proudly declared that he was able to arrange for the white roses, which the bride had insisted upon and which were out of season at the time of the wedding, through a special delivery of these white roses from Ecuador to achieve just the look that the bride wanted. The dedicated florist saves the day! Whereupon hearing this, my friend goes into fits of laughter. You see, over 70 percent of cut flowers in the U.S. are imported from Ecuador and Colombia, where the sun is always sunny and the labor is always cheap. In most likelihood, most of the florist’s flowers come from Ecuador, but doesn’t that just suck all the drama out of the whole thing. So most flowers are available all year round, quality of the flowers, however, depends on numerous factors, and here a florist’s appreciation of and commitment to quality are important prerequisites. And, of course, real quality usually has an appropriate price tag which reflects that quality. The great disappointment is to pay the high-end price tag without the high-end product.

This is just one example of the numerous misleading wedding advice that abounds the wedding blogosphere. The other type, and this one is in the majority, is the useless and unnecessary one. Have you come across an article or a blog-post and just thought: “DUH!” (Just recently I stumbled upon an article that strongly suggested using place-cards in order to help guests find their seats… Wow, isn’t that innovative?) It is true that some of the basic and general advice out there that can seem ‘pashut‘ to the savvy bride is in fact helpful to the many others. Anyways, we here at try provide with accurate and relevant information to help you get the best for your wedding festivities; however, if occasionally you know something we don’t – let us hear about it.

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