Ten Commandments of Wedding Planning

10 commandments When it comes to wedding planning nothing is etched in stone: every couple is unique, every couple sets its own priorities. Here are ten very general dos and don’ts for you to keep in mind.

1. “I am engaged to be wed to my wonderful fiancé who has taken me out of the land of Singledom” – Recite verse at least twice daily: morning and evening

The first and the primary commandment of wedding planning is to focus on the marriage more than the wedding. Your wedding is the birth of your marriage and your goal is to start your blissful marriage on the right foot. Your wedding should lift off your marriage and send it into an ever-growing spiral of love and happiness. So make sure to focus on your partner and your partner’s ideas during the wedding preparations.

2. You shall not have any other priorities above getting married

Life doesn’t stop because you decided to get married. However, you must put your efforts and concentration above all on getting married and setting up your new family. This is really huge, so do it right.

3. You shall not stress in vain

Do not get carried away and work yourself up over insignificant little things. Attention to detail is important but attention to your well-being is even more important.

4. You must take an occasional rest

Take a break every now and then from working on putting together the most perfect wedding and do something completely unrelated, fun, and relaxing. Go out with your fiancé and do not discuss wedding planning issues.

5. Honor your future father-in-law and mother-in-law

Parents (both sets) play a huge role in your wedding and your marriage. Honor their concerns and listen to their advice with patience and respect. Watch the way you verbalize your opinions so that your words don’t entirely disregard someone else’s point of view.

6. Do not kill your wedding planner

If you can afford it, hire a wedding coordinator to help you stay on top of the wedding planning process. A wedding planner may not be as expensive as you think and may save you a few dollars on some of your wedding purchases, thus partially paying for itself. An experienced planner will make sure that your event is well coordinated and that the many design elements of your wedding don’t clash with each other.

7.Do not steal from your self, your fiancé, and your family

Do not spend on your wedding more than you can afford. At the start of wedding planning ask around regarding the cost of things you’ll need for your wedding and make a budget based on your financial abilities.

8. Do not commit frugality

Even though overspending is a grave sin, underspending is a sin as well. You might save a hundred bucks here and there, but the memories will stay with you forever. When you cut corners, you usually end up paying for them with mounds of additional frustration. When it comes to your photography and video remember: they remain with you for years to come and will bring to life wonderful memories of the day your marriage was born.

9. Do not bear false wedding

It’s not advisable to imitate celebrity weddings. Do not try to make your affair over-the-top and unnaturally glamorous. Your wedding is about you. When it comes to the bride’s make-up, stay true to tried techniques. Radical and edgy techniques more often than not end up looking ridiculous. Same goes for attire and other décor.

10. You shall not covet what others had at their wedding

Your wedding will always be unique because it will bring together your unique circle of friends and family. So when it comes down to it forget about what you may have seen somewhere else and let yourself fully enjoy the moment; bring joy to yourself and to your new spouse.

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