Kosher Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake has become so much a wedding symbol, that it rivals the wedding ring itself. Is it really ‘official’ without the cake? Pick up any bridal magazine and its cover will display either a bride with her designer gown or that one of a kind wedding cake (the price of which may not be much less than that gown.) These are the essential wedding symbols. In the kosher wedding world the cake hasn’t quite matured to this degree of prominence and most likely will not. But more and more couples are adorning their wedding reception with these skyscrapers of sweetness. It makes sense that just as the wedding ceremony itself is a strikingly distinct and unique procession that the feast that follows it should have its own unique features. Fine dining and flowers can be found at many coroporate events, so too music. Here’s where the wedding cake comes in to give a wedding signature to the wedding party. As the kosher wedding cake customer base grows, so too there’s an increased number of wedding cake designers whipping up original, creative, sometimes whimsical wedding cakes. Here are a few that caught our attention.

Bright, happy and colorful.

This one reminds me of Versaille.

The cakes above are by Gallery of Cakes of Aventura, FL (under KM – Kosher Miami supervision.)


Another beauty with a 'French' feel.

This one is by Chantilly, which is a popular name here in New York (even if you haven’t heard of it, in all likelyhood you’ve had their desserts as they wholesale many of their products to caterers.)


Classy yet fun.

Classy yet fun.

Very contemporary, elegant.

Very contemporary, elegant. Tasteful colors.

Chocolate Swirls always have a hypnotic effect on me.

These great cakes are by Zelda’s of Skokie, IL; they make a lot of great treats and they do it with love.


Also in the Chicago area you’ll find extraordinary wedding creations by Sarelle Weiner of Edible Gems by Sarelle. Some of her cakes and pastries are truly inventive and whimsical.

Monogrammed cake. Who says a wedding cakes needs tiers?

Monogrammed cake. Who says a wedding cake needs tiers?

Gift boxes are a common contemporary cake theme; but this one looks just scruptious.

Not your typical wedding cake.

Why is it that everything looks so much cuter in small?

Wedding Cake minis.

Wedding Cake minis.

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  1. Tamara 02/22/10 at 3:01 PM

    The wedding cake is not at all within the Jewish tradition. Most Yeshivish couples and Chassidic couples do not have a wedding cake, and they, certainly, do not make a ritual out of cutting the cake and feeding it to each other. We have our own rituals which should be appreciated for their meaning and beauty. Would you suggest that kallahs should start throwing their bouquets to their friends or remove their garters at the wedding?

  2. Jewish Wedding Music 03/15/10 at 1:12 AM

    It may not be traditional but then again neither is having your whole extended family walk down the isle. Certainly an American custom but one people like and have borrowed. Why not a wedding cake?