When Wedding Meets Blizzard

Although many simchas were postponed in the way of the massive end-of-year blizzard of 2010, a lot of families stayed the course with their plans for simchas scheduled for Sunday night, the first night of the storm. In the hopes of beating the blizzard, guest attendance was quite good, although many of the invited did head home early. For many who did stay till the end, the wedding hall turned out to be overnight accommodations.

Guests sleeping on the floor at Ateres Chaya Sunday night. (Photo: YiddishNews)

In Ateres Chaya in Boropark almost thirty people had to spend the night. A similar story in Ateres Avrohom in Williamsburg. After another wedding – of Moshe Shapiro and Jenny Cooper – held at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center in queens, the chosson’s parents, who flew in from Israel for the wedding, ended up staying the night after their rental car got stuck in the snow as they were leaving. Fortunately for them the hall had some mattresses left over from a student shabbatton held in the same building.

For those guests that did drive back home, the ride was an adventure, albeit a dangerous one. Visibility on the road was next to nil, the windshield wipers would get clogged with clumps of snow every few minutes, and cars and buses would get stuck numerous times on the way. Thankfully, eventually everyone got home safe with a fun story to share.

Here’s another snow storm snapshot that will make you smile. This one courtesy of MahNishmah.com. (Unfortunately, this couple’s relationship is sure to be a short one.)

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