The Daf at Your Wedding

Many thousands while still under the inspirational influence of last night’s Siyum Hashas of Daf Yomi will begin their attempt to scale the tall and difficult mountain that is the Talmud Bavli. The Daf Yomi Commision – the organization that coordinates the Daf Yomi efforts around the world – offers an interesting resource that may add to the spirituality of your wedding as well as offer a meaningful diversion for your guests during the sometimes lengthy portrait session that usually occurs after the chuppah. The Daf Yomi Commission will print a personalized copy of that day’s blatt gemara that can be distributed to your Daf learning wedding guests. If necessary, the Commission can also help to arrange for a maggid shiur. The shaar blatt will serve as an additional and meaningful wedding memento for your family and your friends to retain.

Contact the Daf Yomi Commission at (212) 797-9000 ext 267 at least two weeks before the wedding date.

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  1. Yankel 10/13/12 at 11:54 PM

    Great idea! But with one concern:

    It’s more than likely, as I’ve seen in the past, that many sheets will end up in the garbage together with the left-overs.

    Perhaps it’s important to include a heading in BOLD letters stating “Please make sure this sheet (Blatt) is treated with respect and not left on the tables where the waiters will dump them in the trash”.

    Also, people need to be mindful not to carry them in their pockets when they enter the restrooms.