Shower Gifts – Green

Gift giving always presents me with one dilemma: To find a gift that is not entirely useless and yet not something so practical that it’s completely boring.  My solution to this gift giving conundrum is to find very practical and very useful everyday items, but ones that are stylized and fun. Another option  is to give a few small, matching  items to create a color theme.

Here are some variations in Green:

Cuisinart: 7-Speed Hand Mixer $49.99 at Sur La Table

Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender: $29.99 at Sur La Table

from Sur La Table Mixing and Prep Bowl Sets: $29.95

Dots Shower Curtain at Target: $24.99

Matching Dots Bat Rug: $24.99

Apple 5th Gen. 16GB iPod nano: $166.99

BODUM Ibis Cordless Electric Water Kettle

Neema Porcelain Mug Set of 6

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