Just a Spoonful of Honey

It has been said, that long term contentment and satisfaction is better achieved through small but frequent treats than through big, flashy ones that are only enjoyed but rarely. Similarly, small, spontaneous gifts can do amazing things to heighten a sense of loving in a relationship. These small, random treats represent something very profound. They say: I am constantly thinking of you, of your feelings and of ways to make you smile. Big things really can come in small packages. This time of year, a small jar of honey can pack a lot of sweetness. Here’s an idea: pack a small, adorable jar of honey, a really sweet card, and warm wishes into a mailer and send it to your honey. There are plenty to choose from; here are just some few examples.

Available at Exclusive Party Gifts. see more at www.exclusivehoneygoods.com

Available at Exclusive Party Goods. more at www.exclusivehoneygoods.com

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