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Shira Weinberger’s wedding photography portfolio is quite diverse. She has photographed couples of many ethnic backgrounds and wedding ceremonies and receptions of all sorts of styles. She also has traveled far and wide to turn her clients’ wedding day moments into images – images that all share one thing: Shira’s ability to convey not just the happening of the moment but also the mood, the feeling, the emotion. Shira shared with us some of her images from a recent wedding that was closer to home, in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn NY, and as you can see for yourself these images are full of soul.

The dancing at Saadya and Mushky’s seems to have had a lot of flips and tabletop dancing – a leibebidig atmosphere.

Ordinarily, I would now tell you something about the chosson and the kallah and their wedding day, but instead I’ll share with you Shira’s words and her impressions from the wedding shoot:

On the day of  Mushky and Saadya’s wedding, I awoke with a smile on my face.  Three years ago, I shot Mimi’s (Saadya’s sister) wedding, so I was already familiar with a large part of the family and was very anxious to see everyone again.  I had also met Saadya three months before at Shloimy and Marcy’s wedding (again a referral thanks to Mimi).

Saadya travels all over the world as a Chabad Rabbi to places far afield like  Cambodia and Nepal.  On the wedding day, he had just returned from Israel, where he was taking part in Taglit (Birthright),  a program that sponsors trips for young Jewish people from all over to visit Israel.   He was so enthusiastic about Israel and I felt great joy to see how much love he holds towards my people and country.   It was also so much fun to talk to him in Hebrew (I was so impressed by his fluent Hebrew.)  Saadya is one of the rabbis of the  Chabad-Lubavitch community, and as such, the wedding took place in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the official headquarters of the Chabad movement worldwide.

I heard a Rabbi once half-jokingly declare that one should never marry for love.  Of course, we all marry for love, but what he meant was that we should not marry for the type of  love or infatuation that is at its height at the wedding day.  We should marry instead for the type of love that will build over the years, and so on the wedding day, it will be in fact at its starting point.   I was reminded of this because   Saadya met Mushy only three months before the wedding,  after Mushky’s roommate introduced them .  Of course, their love for each-other was clear and abiding, but at the same time I could see that it will be a love that will deepen with each passing day as they build their lives and families together. It is that innocence and purity that I found undeniably inspiring- that need to capture not only what lay before my lens, but also a hint of the depths that will be.

To see more of Shira Weinbereger’s photographs, do check out her blog.

Wedding Details:

Venue: Razag Ballroom
Flowers: Mimulo
Music: Nagila Orchestra with Eli Marcus.
Make Up: Susan Horowitz
Hair: Daniela Chayo
Dress: Custom made in Italy
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Groom’s Attire: AM Bespoke

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