Coney ‘Aisle’and Avenue Brooklyn

Frum shoppers in Brooklyn know Coney Island Avenue as the central commercial street in the neighborhood. In recent times, along with the many other kosher food stores and frum clothing stores, a number of bridal gown stores have opened up shop on the avenue – all within a few blocks of each other. The latest addition to the Coney Island Avenue bridal portfolio – ‘Tznius Princess’ (at Coney and J), makes it a total of six bridal dress shops that can easily be scooped out in a single day visit.

A bridal gown purchase or a gemach find is not an easy task for the frum bride. With the current wedding styles dominated by strapless gowns, it’s not always easy to find the dream dress. Not to mention that not every strapless can be ‘built up’. Often times the materials and the cut of the dress make it impossible to build the gown up in a way that looks stylish and natural. The ability to check out six bridal stores in one visit, simplifies the hunt for the perfect dress.

In addition to Tznius Princess, the other stores in the vicinity are:

Augenbraun’s (between K & L)
Bridal Direct (between P & Quentin)
Miri (between M & N)
Raquel (corner of N)
Esti’s (between P & Quentin)

And only a few blocks off Coney on Avenue M, you’ll find the seventh bridal boutique in the area – Lavan Bridal.

Happy Shopping!

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