Chosson Watches – Part 1


Diamonds are forever, but who’s keeping track of time?

The Chassan’s watch – a commonly given gift by the Kallah (a.k.a. her parents) to her future husband, a gift among many others that are exchanged throughout the engagement, that says, as much as a Tallis, you’re now a married man. ….and don’t be late!

There are so many styles and brands to choose from, it seems like there’s a watch style for every person. Square or round, steel, gold, or platinum, black or white, clunky or light, showy or low key …and so on. Many have a weekday watch and a shabbos watch. A shabbos watch is usually more dressy and decorative. (Not only to show honor to the shabbos, but because it is then considered an adornment, an element of a person’s outfit, not just an instrument that tells time, and thus wouldn’t be considered carrying.)

Certain styles and brands are more popular in different communities. There are the more ‘yeshivish’ options, by Geneve, available at The Chassan’s Place (at last search the prices were lower than other websites and even Overstock). Some Examples:

Euro Geneve - round face, V links: $2,700

Euro Geneve - Ridged links, rectangular face: $3,266

I am not certain that these watches are not loosing their popularity even within the yeshivish circles. I am personally not a big fan. (understatement)

Another Gold watch option that I personally prefer to those above is this Concord Delirium (too in your face and flashy for my taste, but still better than the Geneve; I do like the rose gold, though):

Concord Delirium - 18k rose gold

This Concord is now available at (a Jewish owned website) for a decent price (for it): $5,495, enter coupon code EMCRD10 at checkout and it will be $4,945.50.

The next two I really like for their simplicity and vintage feel. Also from the Watchery.

Blancpain Villeret Chronograph - 18K White Gold / Blue Dial: $13,110

IWC Vintage Portofino - $10,900

To be continued…

Are you a watch person? Let us know your favorites.

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  1. Moshe 11/18/09 at 7:58 PM

    Forget about overstock,, has rings too.

    That said, I’m very much against this idea. Not only does it add to the already insane wedding prices, it’s not even something essential and would make a better wedding anniversary gift than a wedding gift.

    What are good wedding gifts from kallah/kallah’s parents to chosson?
    1. Talis. At least one. Can also give a separate shabbos/yom tov one with bling. I have regular black and a blue one for shabbos/yom tov.
    2. Talis bag.
    3. Kittel.
    4. Shas. Though better to wait until one of Artscroll’s sales instead of paying full price.

    These 4 are useful things that the guy will actually need. A watch, he already has.