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You can’t judge a book by its cover. And a wedding album is no different. But no one ever said that good things can’t come in beautiful packaging. There are some photographers who present their clients with an album in a box provided for them by the album making company, and some who put a bit more effort to make sure that their album creations feel like keepsake treasures in every way possible. Here is a sampling of appetizing packaging that caught our eyes.

Clayton Austin

…more on Clayton’s blog.

Amanda E. Photography

…more on Paperie Boutique.

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Just a Spoonful of Honey

It has been said, that long term contentment and satisfaction is better achieved through small but frequent treats than through big, flashy ones that are only enjoyed but rarely. Similarly, small, spontaneous gifts can do amazing things to heighten a sense of loving in a relationship. These small, random treats represent something very profound. They say: I am constantly thinking of you, of your feelings and of ways to make you smile. Big things really can come in small packages. This time of year, a small jar of honey can pack a lot of sweetness. Here’s an idea: pack a small, adorable jar of honey, a really sweet card, and warm wishes into a mailer and send it to your honey. There are plenty to choose from; here are just some few examples.

Available at Exclusive Party Gifts. see more at

Available at Exclusive Party Goods. more at

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Ketubah Gallery | Paper-Cut Ketubahs

To explain my fascination with papercuts, I have to get biblical.

Tapuchei Zahav B’Maskiot Kesef‘ – golden apples within silver ‘perforated encasements’ [maskiot] (Mishlei 25:11). A description of a jewel artifact where the golden apple on the inside is concealed within a silver net-like container as such that when viewed at the right distance the gold that peeks through the tiny outlets in the silver creates a gold / silver effervescence. Thus the jeweler, the author of this ancient ornament uses the silver, although a metal of lower value, to enhance the gold hidden inside, cloaks it with mystery, and creates an artwork altogether ethereal. (See beginning of Moreh Nevuchim [Guide to the Perplexed] by Maimonides for an explanation of this verse and the meaning of the parable.)

Similarly, by cutting, puncturing the paper, the artist whose medium is the papercut, reveals through the delicate paper-turned-into-lace a depth, another dimension, another layer. A papercut reminds us that a visual artwork is but a window into the ideas and feelings expressed through it; it reminds us to look beneath the paper, to read between the words.

With this introduction, I present you with Ketubahs adorned with the above described method. (Bare in mind that the beauty of papercuts is often difficult to capture with the photograph.)

Enya Keshet

Enya Keshet, White Moon Palace - $900

From the artist: A large papercut ketubah of stunning detail, depicting an intricate palace front with an arch stretching over ornate columns. The fantasy peacocks with heart sprinkled tails holding a necklace of diamonds represent a couple cherishing each other equally in love and esteem; the fruit bearing palm tree that stands high calls to mind stability, longevity and confidence; the three pomegranates, full of good qualities, bring the thought of the triple thread that will never break (Ecclesiastes 4:12), testifying for the strength of the bond of marriage.


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Etsy Excursions: Placecards

A wedding is full of moments of anticipation and excitement, and one of these for your guests is when they gather around the table that has the seating cards all laid out in neat rows on it to find their name, their place in this labyrinth of place cards. Most halls provide place cards that you can use, but if you want to accentuate and heighten the sense of anticipation in your eager-to-find-their-seat guests, here’s a few custom place-card ideas that caught our eyes on Etsy – the place that’s always teeming with fun and tempting paraphernalia.

Wine-bottle Cork Place Card Holder

Great for wine lovers. There are many variations on this idea.

Butterfly Seating Cards

These are great for a small dinner party like Sheva Brachot, where each card can be placed by a setting.

Black and White Place Cards

Contemporary. Should only be used if they match the overall theme

Pearl Place Cards

From the same seller. Elegant, classic.

Custom Place Card Holder and Favor Container

This here is a plastic round box that serves as a place card and a container for a small wedding favor or perhaps a personal message.

Comes in variety of colors; can be customized and printed and stuffed by the seller.

Are you planning on doing anything out of the ordinary to seat your guests? Do share with us your ideas and, if possible, pictures too.

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Personalized Water Bottles

If you’d like to add a personal touch to your wedding, here’s a lovely idea that works as well at a wedding as at any other simchah: Custom Water Bottle Labels. lets you design all sorts of labels and other printables that can enhance a simchah or party. Choose from a bunch of labels and customize to your liking or desired effect. You can use these to surprise a couple on their Sheva Brachot or to share with guests at your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Click on the link, and you will also get free shipping on purchases over $50:

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