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To explain my fascination with papercuts, I have to get biblical.

Tapuchei Zahav B’Maskiot Kesef‘ – golden apples within silver ‘perforated encasements’ [maskiot] (Mishlei 25:11). A description of a jewel artifact where the golden apple on the inside is concealed within a silver net-like container as such that when viewed at the right distance the gold that peeks through the tiny outlets in the silver creates a gold / silver effervescence. Thus the jeweler, the author of this ancient ornament uses the silver, although a metal of lower value, to enhance the gold hidden inside, cloaks it with mystery, and creates an artwork altogether ethereal. (See beginning of Moreh Nevuchim [Guide to the Perplexed] by Maimonides for an explanation of this verse and the meaning of the parable.)

Similarly, by cutting, puncturing the paper, the artist whose medium is the papercut, reveals through the delicate paper-turned-into-lace a depth, another dimension, another layer. A papercut reminds us that a visual artwork is but a window into the ideas and feelings expressed through it; it reminds us to look beneath the paper, to read between the words.

With this introduction, I present you with Ketubahs adorned with the above described method. (Bare in mind that the beauty of papercuts is often difficult to capture with the photograph.)

Enya Keshet

Enya Keshet, White Moon Palace - $900

From the artist: A large papercut ketubah of stunning detail, depicting an intricate palace front with an arch stretching over ornate columns. The fantasy peacocks with heart sprinkled tails holding a necklace of diamonds represent a couple cherishing each other equally in love and esteem; the fruit bearing palm tree that stands high calls to mind stability, longevity and confidence; the three pomegranates, full of good qualities, bring the thought of the triple thread that will never break (Ecclesiastes 4:12), testifying for the strength of the bond of marriage.

Jerise Fogel

Jerise Fogel, Fall Colors Papercut Ketubah - $375

From the artist: This ketubah features a background with cranberry, brown, dark green, and other fall leaf colors, and a handcut papercut design with the couple’s monogram below.

Archie Granot

Archie Granot, Commissioned Ketubah, in 14 Layers of Paper

Archie Granot, Commissioned Ketubah, in 14 Layers of Paper

Archie Granot, Commisioned Ketubah in Teal

From the artist: This ketuba within a papercut in teal, minimalist and contemporary in style, is backed by red paper that is reflected by the mirror backing.

Karen Shain Schloss

Karen Shain Schloss, Celebration Ketubah - $300

From the artist: Depicting holidays from the Jewish year, it begins with Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippor, moves through Sukkot and Simchat Torah, onto Purim and Passover, through Lag B’Omer and Tisha B’Av – the ketubah serves the contemporary couple commemorating the progression of the year’s holy days, with reminders of Torah and Shabbat.

Karen Shain Schloss, Entwined - $300

From the artist: An arbor of grapevine branches with a never-ending knotted heart border within -intricately cut from an original papercut design by Karen Shain Schloss. Laser-cut on acid-free ecru paper. Mounted on customer’s choice of colored background: Burgundy, Moss green or Peppered Bronze.

Ruth Stern Warzecha

Ruth Stern Warzecha, Gefen Papercut - Winter - $300

From the artist: On this intricate papercut, the circular ketubah text sits within a square of meandering grapevines. The vines are bordered by a verse from Jeremiah 25:10 in English and Hebrew traditionally sung at weddings. Four delicate cornices anchor the square papercut.

There are many more beauties out there. I gathered here a small morning sample. Feel free to comment with your papercut favorites. Or if you had a papercut ketubah for your wedding, please share with us a photo or two. You can do any of these by emailing us: team {at} or on our Facebook page.

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