Print Your Own Letterpress Invites

Do you find letterpress as enchanting as I do? There’s something about the simplicity of colors, the rustic feel, and the spirit of tradition and old-time craftsmanship that makes letterpress prints absolutely delightful. Letterpress wedding invitations have become very popular in recent years with trendy brides, but I haven’t seen it catch on as much within Jewish orthodox or modern orthodox circles. You’ll find plenty of printers in your area that now offer letterpress printing if you’ll do a simple web search, but I would like to tell you about a kind of do it yourself option.

There are printing studios that offer their customers printing press time for rent. (One such studio is The Arm in Brooklyn, NY, where you can rent a press for $20 per hour.) These printing shops also offer classes for beginners. These classes will guide you through the basics of letterpress printing and the various materials that can be implemented for a desired result.

One can also take a slight shortcut with the help of which will make photopolymer plate based on your image file. Together with a base which will hold your plate and inks of your choice you’ll be able to print just like a pro when you’ll go to a rentable press near you.

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  1. Jessica 06/24/11 at 11:20 AM

    How awesome! As someone that printed my own invitations, I know that being able to rent a press at $20/hour is a steal – and pretty unusual. I’m in Seattle, and no such thing exists.

    Also, Boxcar Press is awesome, but there are arguments in the letterpress world about polymer plating versus magnesium with wood backing. Both will cost about the same for a custom plate, but the magnesium/wood setup will lock into any press that’s large enough. That way you’re not reliant on your studio having the Boxcar base, which can be pricey.

    I know that’s wordy, but I hope it’s helpful!