Pre-Holiday Bargain Hunters

9:30 AM Crowd, waiting for the opening of the Fortune Wigs store in Brooklyn

Is it the latest iPhone? No. It’s the Fortune Wigs One Day Crazy Outlet Sale; and ladies looking to get a bargain wig for the holidays are making sure that they get there first. Sheitel shopping does weigh heavily on a family’s budget, and the idea of getting a quality wig at a deep discount has widespread appeal. Many wig retailers are running holiday sales at this time. Fortune Wigs’ sale is a one day only, ‘final sale’ event, only today – Sunday, Aug 5th. Are you going to be one of the fortunate ones to get a ‘cheap’ Fortune Wig?

Another famous wig sale is the Milano. Their holiday sales are held at various locations. To find the one near you, see their website. Happy Hunting!

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  1. chanie 09/5/10 at 10:52 PM

    ha ha, that’s a funny shot.. and too bad I am out of town for the weekend.