On a Serious Note…

Image from fitbiz.tvJewishMom.com posted yesterday an anonymous personal account of one kallah’s disappointing wedding night, and she is by far not alone in this malady (and there are other conditions similar to it) known as PVV. We thought it would be appropriate to share her story with you. If you’re experiencing severe pain during bedikas or intercourse, it’s important that you realize that it may not be due to inexperience or some psychological problem. It may be caused by a neurological condition for which you may be able to find treatment. Read the kallah’s account of her untimely discovery of her condition and recovery from it, here.

In case you’re experiencing the symptoms related by this courageous woman, consult your Ob Gyn-NY, Ob Gyn-NJ. In Long Island, The Women’s Therapy Center deals specifically with these issues.

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