Kibbudim List

Your Jewish wedding ceremony isn’t complete without the participation of some of your most distinguished guests. You need witnesses, someone to read the Kesuba, to make the Seven Blessing, a Rabbi to organize and officiate the entire process, and for the grand finale – someone to break the glass, i.e. your husband. Here’s a basic checklist of the honorable roles performed during the ceremony in a standard Ashkenazic wedding.



1.    ________________________________________
2.    ________________________________________

Reader _______________________________
(At an orthodox Jewish wedding it is customary to read the Tannaim out loud.  Upon the conclusion of the reading the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride break a plate.)

Kesuba (Ketuba) – Marriage Contract


1.    _______________________________________
2.    _______________________________________

Chuppah – Wedding Canopy

Announcer (someone who calls up the guests) _____________________________

Mesader Kiddushin (Rabbi) _________________________________

1.    _______________________________________
2.    _______________________________________

Kesuba Reader _____________________________________
(The Kesuba is read aloud to serve as a divider between Kiddushin and Nissuin.  Some substitute this with a speech given by the Rabbi in honor of the new couple.)


1. & 2. ________________________________
3.    ___________________________________
4.    ___________________________________
5.    ___________________________________
6.    ___________________________________
7.    ___________________________________

The biggest honors given out by the Chuppah (in descending order) are:

1.    Mesader Kiddushin
2.    Kesuba Reader
3.    1st & 2nd Blessings (usually recited by one person)
4.    7th Blessing