How Sweet It Is…

Be it the ‘traditional’ wedding cake, the Viennese table with its array of delectable delights, fun and whimsical cupcakes, tempting mini pastries, or any other creation of mouthwatering sweetness, a wedding menu is incomplete without the curtain closer we call dessert.

For this week’s wedding photo theme, titled ‘Sweet Stuff’, we asked our photographers to share with us some of their delicious photographs of wedding sweetness.  Caution: blood sugar level may go up just by viewing these images. Enjoy!

Glatt and Art Photography

Photography by Matt Beard (CA)

Photography by Matt Beard

Hello Video and Photography

Hello Video and Photography

Rita Rose Photography

Photography by David Miller (CA)

Photography by David Miller (CA)

Photography by Warren Liebmann (Toronto, Canada)

Photography by Warren Liebmann (Toronto, Canada

Marc Berenson Photography

Watermelon carving

Brite Lite Photography

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