Happy Tu BeAv (15th of Av)

Today, the 15th of Av is a minor Jewish holiday about which Rabbon Shimon Ben Gamiliel in Mishnah in Taanit says that Israel had no days as festive as Tu BeAv, for on it the girls of Jerusalem would go out dressed in borrowed white dresses so as not to embarrass one who hadn’t (a dress of her own). They would go out and dance in the vineyards…. This gathering of young men and women was a way for them to find a match, speed dating of sorts. Since then, Tu BeAv has become associated with love and with marriage. And although the tradition of maidens in white has not persisted, even today many weddings, traditional and non-traditional, are held on this day. To all those that are tying the knot on this day (or any other day), we wish you a heartfelt Mazel Tov!

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