Black Friday

Whether you stand online or go online for your shopping discounts, the shopping season has officially been kicked off. For all of you planning a wedding and setting up the place you’ll call home after that wedding, the shopping season was kicked off the day you said ‘yes’. If you’re in the spending money parsha anyways, you may save a chunk of change by riding the shopping wave. For us shomer shabbos folks, the winter Black Friday is just too short to spend shopping, so finding some great deals online may be the only way to go. Here are some that be of interest to the wedding shopping community.

Best Time to get a Chassan’s watch. has the best selection of quality watches for really decent prices. They’re giving an additional 15% off on all merchandise.

Linens is another one of those chosson/kallah items. Check out the deals at Designer Linens Outlet; use Code FF2009 and get 30% off all orders (except Premier Boutique) & $4.99 Shipping.

Wedding shoes: you may find something at Search for Bridal in the search box in the upper right hand corner.

Obviously the Department stores have a million specials, each one with its own ‘shtick’. Check them out for yourself for the items you need; though keep in mind that if you have time, there are items that are discounted even deeper once the holiday season is over. Check out the specials at your favorite dept store: Macy’s – Get free shipping on$ 75 use code CYBER. Target gives you free ship on $50 purchase.

If you found some good wedding deals, come back and share with the rest of us.

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