The Purifying Waters Of The Mikvah

Rabbi Eliyahu Shear


Imagine the world before creation… the Spirit of G-d hovered over the face of the waters. A topsy-turvy world flooded with water, the source of life. G-d brings light into the world… and darkness. He separates the waters and the dry land is seen. It is here where creation takes places. Life comes into the world. Even the dry earth is filled with a sense of life – or else it would be non-existent. The plants grow, the animals move, and man speaks. (more…)

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Jewish Wedding Ceremony – Traditions & Customs

Couple under the chuppah The Jewish wedding contains many fascinating and meaningful rituals, symbolic gestures that not only consecrate the new couple’s marriage but bring out the inner beauty of that uniquely human institution. A marriage is a foundation to the Jewish family – the rock and the staple of Jewish continuity. Other articles on the website may go into depth and detail of the wedding ceremony; here we wanted to describe briefly the layout of a traditional Jewish wedding.


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A traditional chuppah, especially within Orthodox Judaism, recommends that there be open sky exactly above the chuppah. If the wedding ceremony is held indoors in a hall, sometimes a special opening is built to be opened during the ceremony. ManyHasidim prefer to conduct the entire ceremony outdoors.


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